Community Outreach

Community Outreach

For 150 years, Memorial Presbyterian Church has served the Cherokee Community. The church is known as a stable and caring congregation whose beliefs are anchored by scripture. The church and its members are recognized in the community for their mission work, both locally and abroad, and have provided leadership for many community causes.

Sermons ala Carte

For 30 years, Memorial Presbyterian Church has hosted Sermons ala Carte, a series of ecumenical services held 6 weeks during the Lenten Season. Around 200 people attend each week. Pastors from throughout Cherokee County take turns leading the service and the congregations around the county are involved with preparing the lunches which follow the service.

Ministerial Assocation

Cherokee County has a very active Ministerial Association. The group not only provides networking support for pastors in the community, but works to provide spiritual leadership to the community and cohesive support to those who are in need.